Mon: 5AM St Tims
Tues: 5AM- St. Tim's to Norwood High School Track or just meet at NHS
Wed: 5AM St. Tims
Thurs: 5AM Vello's Hills or St Tims
Fri: 5am St Tims
Sat: 6:30am-Vello's

another team pic (post long run, September)


JJR Photos

Great seeing everyone at James Joyce! These here photos testify to what a beautiful day it was. See you all at the Gilio 5K next weekend!




Gilio 5K Course Video

The Joseph and Rose Gilio Memorial 5K is coming up! Check out this video overview of the course:


2013 Grand Prix reset

Hey GN Runners, the 2013 Grand Prix is posted (some of the dates are not finalized).  Please note our March half marathon will be the Half of Quincy instead of the New Bedford Half.   Do as many races as you can, and you could win the Grand Prix!  The first 3 women and the first 3 men receive prizes!  Happy running, and we hope to see you on the roads soon!

New Running Jackets coming!

We will soon be ordering New Balance “Raptor” jackets for members who have paid for 2013.

Available sizes are:

Women’s: XS, Sm, Med, Large, XL

Men’s:  Sm, Med., Large, XL, XXL

The color is black (both men’s and women’s), with the much desired zipped pockets!  The women’s have cool thumb holes in the sleeves (not sure why the men’s don’t;  sorry, guys).

We do not have samples for you to try, but here’s a link to the NB site with a size chart:



Please let me know what size you want (and if you want men’s or women’s) or we will order your “singlet” size (that you put on your original GNRC appl.)

Also, please let me know if you do not want a jacket.  No problem, we won’t order you one!

Free Spinning class for members Dec 9

Check this out, runners and triathletes!  Free spinning class in Canton.  Bring your spinning/cycling shoes and clip in as long as your cleats are SPD (the “regular” kind).  Sunday, December 9, 7:00 am.
Please contact Hub City Cycle if you have any questions:

Hub City Cycle
609 Neponset St.

Yoga for runners at Charles River Running, Monday’s

Time: 6:30 pm–7:15 pm
Location: Charles River Running, 679 Washington St., Norwood, MA
Price: $6.00
What to bring: Mat, towel (blocks if you have your own), water bottle
There are only 12 spaces available per class.
 please call  (781) 349-8341 to reserve your spot
Our instructor will be Jenn Prohaska of Charles River Yoga in South Natick. Jenn is a marathoner and is well aquainted with the issues that come along with the miles! Here is the link to her studio:

New Years! Grand Prix Reset for 2012

The New Year! A time for for fresh starts, new beginnings, and of course, a reset of the Grand Prix! The GP page has been updated with the 2012 slate, with dates left as question mark where uncertain. The 2011 point totals are now finalized and linked from the bottom of the page. And the current standings..? Well, no surprise there–we’re all tied. Here’s to another great year of racing with the GNRC crew!

Norwood Turkey Trot Pictures

Congrats to all NTT runners! The expert GNRC website editorial staff spent hours (well, OK, 15 minutes) looking through the race photos and picking out GNRCers from the crowd. The editorial staff apologizes for missed runners. Photos courtesy of Ted Tyler.



9    DAVID WOODRUFF     477 30   4/83   M3039 Needham MA    21:57  5:30
76  MARIA CONLEY          72 47    4/83   F4049  Norwood MA     28:29  7:08
81  JEFF WEIDENAAR       451 45  20/77   M4049 Norwood MA    28:36  7:09
91  KRISTA TOOLE          554 37   8/93   F3039 Norwood MA     29:00  7:15
127 TRACY CURRAN          85 40   7/83   F4049 Norwood MA     30:25  7:37
145 MICHAEL GILIO        170 47  34/77   M4049 Dover MA        31:00  7:45
188 TRACEY JONES         224 46  12/83   F4049 Norwood MA    32:24  8:06
205 SUSAN QUINN          378 43  15/83   F4049 Norwood MA    32:58  8:15
247 EILEEN KENNEDY       581 39  22/93   F3039 Scituate MA    34:20  8:35 
265 COLIN CASSIDY         56 48  54/79   M4049 Westwood MA 34:37  8:40
386 JENNIFER OLIVER      355 33  43/93   F3039 Norwood MA    37:58  9:30 

See you all at the GNRCYO 5K!

Boston from the Sidelines

Spectating a point-to-point marathon is rather like being given a Tolstoy novel with instructions to get all you can from it by reading any one page you like. Do you read the first page, where the threads of the main drama are introduced? Do you read the climactic page, where the clash of opposing forces is resolved, and one emerges triumphant? Or perhaps some page in the middle, of no particular import in itself, but carrying with it a suggestion of the shape of the whole story…?

It was in the latter mode that your correspondent spectated the race from the sidelines in Wellesley. At that point Smith was still far out in front, the first runner in sight by a good minute. But the shape of that particular story was already visible in her stride, running swift, but not easy.

In a few minutes the men came by, Hall in the front just as last year, looking like a Rift Valley training group out for a long tempo–if you can call 4:50s a tempo pace. This scene was such an exact copy of last year that it was hard to be surprised by Hall’s final results: once again an American CR, once again 4th overall.

Then at last the main field, pouring by in torrents. Watching the first Wave come through is an impressive sight. The crowd is entertained by the costumed runners: man in gorilla-suit, Hamburger & Hotdog, caveman running in nothing but a leather breechclout and his number. Still, the runners themselves are the main attraction, because there are so many, and they are hammering out such a great pace.

Imagine your correspondent’s surprise when he returned home to see the winning time of 2:03:02! The IAAF may disagree–something about the Boston course being too easy, apparently?–but we Bosties know where the REAL World Record has been set!

Congratulations to the all GNRCers who ran and kicked butt, and generally made the most of a cool and beautiful day. Four PRs, and fast times throughout!

3:24:32  Alaimo, John (PR)
4:07:46  Culkins-Bair, Melissa
3:24:11  Burke, Donald S.
3:24:00  Colleran, Rose P. (PR)
3:58:28 Crispi, Tricia  (PR)
4:07:20  Curran, John
3:37:06 Estes, George C Jr.
3:11:38 Ferrari, Michael
3:15:54  Holt-Wilson, Mary R.  (PR)
3:35:37 Jones, Tracey A.
2:54:07  Laidley, Zac
3:31:21  Larkin, Maureen

(GP Results have been updated–contacted dmw about any errors).